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We Make Due

2 FTM, 2M
Short play
Originally written as part for NY Madness, We Make Due is inspired by and based off of video footage taken by Randy Wicker, a prominent activist in the gay liberation movement. Based in a lamp store in Greenwich Village, it is a snippet of celebration in the face of the turmoil that surrounded the gay and queer youth in 1991. We Make Due is a celebration: a moment of focused and triumphant happiness in the wake of the Stonewall riots based off of footage that proved that even the mothers of the movement found time for birthday cake

A Kingdom of Their Own

1MTF, 3F
Available in both a 10 minute treatment and one-act treatment.

Dr. Roby Jackson, a closeted transgender man and scientist who is fascinated with the study of fungi and mushrooms, has created what he believes is a cancer cure from an extraction of a lethal fungus. Pushing to bring his drugs to human trial in a rush against the clock of his veteran mother's diagnosis, Dr. Jackson takes some morally ambiguous risks to complete his miracle drug. In his frenzy to believe in his own work, he turns to his creation for not only cancer cures - but the cure to his own body dysphoria as well.



What if your girlfriend told you they wanted to be your boyfriend? Some people would offer their support. Some people would be surprised. Some people would offer to start an illegal suit-smuggling ring for you. You know, it just depends on how you handle big news...Unmasked! follows the coming out of club owner Andy Haven and the subsequent fallout surrounding the event in a fast paced play that nuances the traditional going out story with heartbreak, dance breaks, and even ghosts. 

  •  "...A talented playwright, Grayson never shies from throwing wrenches into the mix, using building tension and a dramatic, Shonda Rhimes-esque plot twist to give his characters some perspective." - "Raine Grayson's Unmasked!" (Oracle)


La Douleur Exquise
6M, 5F, 1 ANY

La Douleur Exquise; (French) the excruciating pain experienced when wanting someone you cannot have.

Narrower than unrequited love, as it refers specifically to the emotional experience of one whose love is not being reciprocated. This vignette-style play is led by a skeptical, un-storybook-like narrator, weaving through six stories that encompass that seemingly unbridgeable distance between the anticipation of getting something we want and the disappointment of learning we cannot have it.

  • "...Raine develops characters which is what I think is important in representation, [...] There are too many one dimensional characters out there. That’s the whole process of normalization. That’s what’s important in Raine’s work. It's not “the autistic play” or “the gay play.” They are underrepresented or misrepresented and Raine uses his platform and his skills as a writer to represent all kinds of people.” - "Raine Grayson, LGBTQ activist debuts new play 'La Douleur Exquise' in Rosendale" (Blue Stone Press)



One Person Show
You came to see a show. Trainwreck is a show. It is not the show you thought you were going to see, because Raine forgot about that one - so let him take you on a journey through...well, a panic attack. He's going to have a panic attack on stage. 


Four Voices
3M, 1F

Having children is hard. Trying to understand them is even harder. In Raine's first written piece, two sons - one autistic and one gay -  challenge their parents to understand who they are and understand what they aren't.

Contact Raine Grayson at if interested in purchasing rights.

*Show retired. Rights not available.

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