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Queeries Zine Publication

Raine produced, edited, and has artwork featured in the Queeries Zine.
Each season, all of the artists  of Queeries Blog create a piece of work centered around the theme for that season, all of which will be bound into a small-batch, hand-made zine. The theme of this season's theme, the zine's second installation, is "SAFETY". Each writer examines what safety means to them in a world that is in a state of flux in terms of queer safety. All proceeds of the zine support The Trans Lifeline - a hotline and resource center for trans individuals. 

The Paragon Press Publication

Raine will have three pieces published in upcoming editions of The Paragon Press.
Two pieces, "We Are All Becoming A Gamble" and "Rethinking The Straight Sex I Used To Have" will be published  in The Paragon Journal's upcoming conversational topics journal "Coming Out: A Conversation About the LGBT+". Additionally, Raine's creative non-fiction sorta-poem "A Love Letter To My HRT" will be featured in an upcoming edition of The Paragon Press's publication 'the Echo'. Check back for details!

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