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RAINE GRAYSON is a multi-genre writer whose work focuses on exploring and uplifting the LGBTQIA+ community. He specializes in social action theatre and also dabbles in academic essays and creative non-fiction. He works full time facilitating true storytelling workshops with the Hudson Valley, NY local company TMI Project


He’s worked with The Trevor Project, speaking his suicide survival story on nationally streaming platforms in support of their suicide prevention chat line. He also founded “Queeries Blog” – a space for queer artists to publish their work freely. His nonfiction work can be found featured at Go Magazine, The Paragon Press, Weasel Press, So Say We All’s magazine “The Whole Alphabet”, and many more. His playwriting has been featured by The Playwriting Collective, The Tank, NY Madness, KIT Theatre, The Rosendale Theatre, and Virtual Theatre Collaboration. He is a recipient of the SUNY Thayer Fellowship and Patricia Kerr Ross Award for his playwriting, as well as being recognized as a runner-up for the The Playwriting Collective’s Ball Grant.

In his free time, Raine enjoys cooking large meals for his friends, playing D&D, and obsessing over podcasts. He currently lives in New Jersey with his spouse and two cats.

If you’d like to queer up your timeline, find him on social media @rainerpism.

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