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"Raine Grayson: Theatre as Social Activism"
No One Like You Radio Show and Podcast: 

Episode Description: Actor, playwright and director Raine Grayson is an amazing and proud transman who has learned to laugh whether the world decides to laugh AT him or WITH him. In this episode, Raine talks about his journey coming out as trans and using his experience to inform his playwrighting to bring awareness to issues within the LGBTQAI+ community

"Getting To Know Activist and Playwright Raine Grayson" 
The Little Rebellion

"...Grayson uses his skills as a writer to write poignant pieces about topics that don’t receive enough attention in the media. He uses his work to give people representation and something to identify with."

"Santiago Takes A Leap in One-Man Show"
Blue Stone Press

"...He said that as you get older, you always have lessons that you have in front of you, but you have to identify them yourself. “You have to accept them and learn from them.” In his own life, depression lead to developing skills in speed bag training which lead to a commercial, which inevitably lead to his return to school and love of theatre. “You have to let those things happen. If you’re not open to those changes then they won’t happen. This is exactly what Thom Pain is all about.”


"There Is No Switch: A Personal Account of The Day After Trump Got Elected" 
 GO Magazine

"...A story lives within the hours between 7 pm and 1 am on November 8th, 2016. My household had gone from drinking rum and wine and hope, to silence, to spells, to shaking tears, to hugs and reminding each other of tomorrow’s sunrise."

TMI Project: #Lifelines: Queer Stories of Survival Promo

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